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The most universal system that can be used in virtually any conditions. It combines elements of other systems available on the market. “O” and “U” type joints and rosettes

Modular scaffolding SLV-M

We reach where your imagination can reach

Modular scaffolding enables the implementation of even the most complex projects. It is most often used in the energy industry, shipyards or steel mills. The module allows you to build a free-standing structure, facade structure, banner advertising structure, staircase or surrounding a building with an unusual shape, e.g. a circle.

Components of the SLV-M modular system

The basic element of the modular scaffolding are stands
steel equipped with rosettes placed every half a meter, which are used to install transoms and braces.
Transom mounted welded work platforms made
they are made of 1,25 and 1,50 mm thick sheet metal. They are used in SLV-M
two types of platforms: modular (“O” type) and frame, used
in the SLV – 73 system (“U” type).
Moving between levels is possible thanks to
communication platforms available in versions 2,5 and
3,0 meters.

In more complex building designs, the consoles allow the vertical axis of the scaffolding to be shifted. By using the platform ledgers, we are able to build scaffolding up to 3 meters wide. The girders are used, among other things, to build suspensions over the protruding structural elements of the building, they provide communication under the scaffolding, e.g. for pedestrian traffic, and are also necessary when building all kinds of platforms. Easy and quick assembly achieved thanks to the use of prefabricated components Stable and rigid structure, vertical bracing allowing for the transfer of heavy loads Possibility to perform work in an ergonomic and safe position Adaptation to the shape of the ground through the use of adjustable screw bases Compatibility with the SLV-73 system Vertical scaffolding height adjustment it is by means of steel screw bases and short stands. The safety of work on the scaffolding is ensured by the use of curbs, transoms, an anchoring system and securing nets.

Characteristics and application of the system

MULTISYSTEM modular scaffolding can be used among others as:

  • Facade scaffolding
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Hanging scaffolding
  • Industrial scaffolding
  • Scaffolding of irregular and complex shape
  • Spatial scaffolding
  • Work platforms
  • Structures of stages and stands
  • Staircases
  • Scaffolding for an advertising banner

Advantages of the SLV-M system

  • Ease and speed of assembly
    achieved thanks to the use of prefabricated components

  • Stable and rigid structure
    and vertical braces allowing to transfer heavy loads

  • Secure communication
    and free access to workplaces

  • Ability to work in an ergonomic and safe position

  • Possibility of vertical communication
    through manholes in communication platforms or external staircase

  • Guard rails and curbs for safe work

  • Metal elements with a protective zinc coating
    increasing their resistance to weather conditions

  • Adaptable to the shape of the substrate
    by using screw bases

  • RAM-1

    Possibility to combine modular scaffolding with the RAM-1 facade system

Application of the SLV-M system

System components slv-m

Safety pin
Accessories Safety pin Variants 1
Toe board
Side boards Toe board Variants 7
Accessories U-Console Variants 2
Sygnet SLV

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Modular scaffolding enables the implementation of even the most complex projects. Most often