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  • Safety Certificate acc. To Polish Standards

    In Poland, it is required that the scaffolding has a safety certificate - our three systems have this approval, thanks to which many customers have trusted us and thus are able to use our scaffolding without the risk of closing the construction site or other unpleasant situations during inspections by units checking safety at construction sites .

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  • Swedish SP certificate

    Quality certificate of the Swedish Institute of SP, opening the way to Scandinavian markets.

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  • TUV NORD certificate

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  • Norwegian certificate – Arbeidstilsynet

    Norwegian certification body SINTEF

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  • Certyficate IMBiGS

    The research laboratory carries out the certification process and issues a certificate with the "B" mark. Without this document, it would not be possible for the scaffolding to be used in Poland.

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  • Hungarian certificate EMI

    Thanks to obtaining the Hungarian certificate, our scaffolding is one of the few in the European Union to have this certificate and, in accordance with Hungarian law, can be used in this country.

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