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Light but stable, advantages of aluminum scaffolding

ntelka ntelka Tuesday, 10/05/2022


  • Light weight


Aluminum is a very light material, which also translates into a relatively low weight of the scaffolding system. This definitely facilitates their transport, the more that they can be disassembled into a larger number of elements. This does not require large delivery vehicles, which translates into lower transport costs. The low weight of the scaffolding makes them mobile and can be used in many places. They are also not a big load for the ground, so they work well in slightly more difficult conditions.


  • Reliable design


One of the greatest advantages of aluminum is it’s durability and high resistance to mechanical damage. It is distinguished by stability, it is also not sensitive to the negative influence of external factors, including water. Thanks to the appropriate surface protection, it will not rust, which extends the life of the aluminum scaffolding and allows it to maintain its excellent technical parameters for longer. Aluminum is a non-flammable and non-toxic material, it works great inside and outside the building. It meets all standards, even the most demanding ones, which is why the scaffolding made of aluminum is used in food and chemical plants.


  • Quick scaffolding assembly


Aluminum scaffolding is also recommended to those companies that value time and very good work organization. Due to the lightness of individual elements and the maximum simplification of all connections while maintaining high stability and solidity, the scaffolding is assembled and disassembled very quickly. This allows you to save time, accelerate the commencement of proper works, and then organize the workplace in a much shorter time than it is in the case of other structures. With some systems, there is no need to use specialized tools, which also translates into easy assembly and disassembly work.


  • Versatile and expandable


Scaffolding made of aluminum is very versatile. It works very well for work at heights concerning commercial buildings with a large number of storeys, as well as for lower single-family houses. Aluminum scaffolding is also used in buildings with unusual architecture. Some systems can be freely expanded in all directions. If necessary, they can be supplemented with additional platforms and supporting elements.

The safety of scaffolding work consists of many elements. It is definitely a suitably qualified workforce, the selection of a certified scaffolding, as well as its correct assembly. It is also important to adjust it to the working conditions and your own preferences. The aluminum system is a light and stable structure, mobile and universal, and at the same time perfectly suited to harsh environmental conditions.

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