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Grounding of the scaffolding

ntelka ntelka Tuesday, 10/05/2022

It is made of metal elements firmly connected to each other. The scaffolding assembly is subject to certain rules, including the use of grounding for the scaffolding. The aim is to ensure the safety of employees and to prevent possible lightning strikes. There must be a lightning protection system next to each scaffolding. How to properly assemble it?

  • The need to use a scaffold grounding

1. We install the lightning protection system on the scaffolding due to the risk of being struck by lightning. The rules related to this are described in detail in the construction regulations in the section on earthing and neutralization in electrical equipment with voltage up to 1kV. Earthing must meet standards. First of all, its resistance measured with 50 Hz alternating current cannot be greater than 10 Ohm . The individual earth electrodes are installed at a distance of 12 m or more. For this purpose, among others, metal masses that are present in the ground. Metal water pipes also work well.

2. You also need to know that the earthing must be inside and outside the building. The insulation of electric cables may be damaged inside. They are located there because of the large number of devices and power tools that are used during construction. Otherwise there is a high risk of electric shock. The earthing is located on the scaffolding for the safety of employees, which should always be a priority for the person responsible for the team and the works carried out at the construction site.

  • Basic rules for installing lightning protection systems

1. And what conditions must be met for the earthing to be properly made and in accordance with the general provisions that correspond to the relevant regulations on the protection of structures against lightning? We equip the scaffolding with efficient and compliant lightning protection devices. In most cases, the scaffolding is placed against the wall of the building. In such a situation, it is possible to connect it with the vertical lightning protection device. In other cases, it is necessary to install the lightning protection device on the scaffolding. Its vertical air terminals are sections of pipes, the length of which is at least 4 m . They need to be connected to the vertices of the frames of the outer row. We use special longitudinal joints for this. In addition, it is necessary to take care of tightening the upper ends of the pipes, which is done by flattening.

2. There must be a sufficient distance between successive vertical jumps, not more than 12 m . When connecting air terminals, a drainage cable made of galvanized or copper tape is used. Its dimensions are 3 mm x 20 mm . An alternative is a galvanized steel wire with a diameter of 6 mm .

3. It happens, however, that the scaffolding is erected in closed rooms. In such cases, earthing is not necessary and the structure is not protected against lightning.

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