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Acquisition of scaffolding and building licenses

ntelka ntelka Tuesday, 10/05/2022

It is impossible to start work without prior acceptance. The scaffolding must be commissioned in accordance with the building qualifications. So how do we go to the place and the place is for that return


  • Scaffolding commissioning. Who is responsible for it?


Reception in staging may not refer to the choice of a person who performs the same function that is retained in accordance with applicable law. It is instructional when it comes to the function of a person called to such. In other cases, when you have data on a topic that says it has technical characteristics with technical data. You need to know that you sort on lists as well as go to this review as well as you will expect it to continue while in service. The inspections took place once in use, and also 10 days after the break in use. It is also necessary to inventory them in the form of an inventory by the supervisory body and a period unfavorable to filtration, i.e. a strong magnet or an inventory. In accordance with applicable law, information points after an accident inspection.

Acceptance of the scaffolding step by step

The technical acceptance is carried out in several stages, paying attention to all scaffolding elements. The aim is to verify that the structure is safe and that the works performed on it do not pose a threat to human health and life. Before the scaffolding is accepted, the condition of the ground on which the system is placed is checked. It is very important to make detailed measurements of the scaffolding in advance, which is also verified during the inspection. Tests are also carried out to try to pull out the anchors. It is also necessary to check the safety and working platforms as well as the correct operation of the lightning protection devices. In addition, the distance between the scaffolding and power lines is measured and an overview of all existing system security measures are performed.

Confirmation of receipt of the scaffolding

Successful completion of the inspection is confirmed by an entry in the construction log. It is a very important document in which we can find the location of the scaffolding and confirmation that the structure is approved for assembly. It also includes the type of scaffolding along with its dimensions and purpose. An important parameter in the construction log is the maximum load on the structure and individual decks. The entry must include the date the system was put into service and the dates of subsequent inspections.

We never work on unclaimed scaffolding. This indicates defects or non-compliance with the system standard and the risk of threat to the health and life of employees.

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