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Facade scaffolding


Universal and compatible with other systems available on the market based on “U” joints


SLV-73 facade scaffolding

Robust design that reaches no limits

The SLV-73 frame scaffolding is an ideal system for facade works. Thanks to its simple and intuitive design, construction work is much faster.

Basic elements of the SLV – 73 system

The basic elements of the system are the frame and the platform which serve as the basis of the structure. The steel frames are made of 48.3 pipe with a 2.7 mm wall . The steel grade is S235 JRH with a yield point Re min greater than 280 MPa, most often Re is within the range of approx. 280-285 MPa . Before the production process, each pipe section is sent to Bydgoszcz Institute, which checks whether the certificate is compatible with the delivered batch of pipes, in order to avoid documents. The pipe is bottled on a machine designed specifically for JRH material, which shapes the pipe.

The machine has three stages of production in order to avoid stress that could cause microcracks and pipe disqualification. The frames are manufactured on a two-station welding robot. They have snap-on handles for fastening the handrails, thanks to which the installation of internal handrails on the vertical frame is quick, wedging with one hammer blow ensures a force-locked, stable and rigid connection.

Characteristics and application of the system

The SLV-73 facade scaffolding can be used, among others, as:

  • Facade scaffolding
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Hanging scaffolding
  • Industrial scaffolding
  • Scaffolding in irregular and complex shape
  • Spatial scaffolding
  • Work platforms
  • Structures of stages and stands
  • Staircases

Advantages of the SLV-73 system

  • Ease and speed of assembly
    achieved thanks to the use of prefabricated components

  • Stable and rigid structure
    and vertical braces allowing to transfer heavy loads

  • Secure communication
    and free access to workplaces

  • Ability to work in an ergonomic and safe position

  • Possibility of vertical communication
    through manholes in communication platforms or external staircase

  • Guard rails and curbs for safe work

  • Metal elements with a protective zinc coating
    increasing their resistance to weather conditions

  • Adaptable to the shape of the substrate
    by using screw bases

Assembly of the SLV-73 scaffolding