Rivited steel plank O-Type

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- SLV-Group started riveted planks prodcution in 2017. Insertion of a new product took us over a year. A series of tests in independent institutes and Partners across the Europe confirmed that our plank have passed all of endurance test.
- Plank profile is made out of galvanized plate of 1,25mm thickness, but the front has a 2,50mm plate.
- Production of plank from galvanized plate is less expensive because of eliminating additional logistic costs and shortening time of production.
- To connect the front and the profile of plank we use 12 rivetes. The number of them was counted and aproved by Institute of Construction Mechanization and Rock Mining in Warsaw. The riveted connection is as durable and strong as welded.
- Thanks to application of special machine to riveting we’ve got oportunity to prezent totally new product to whole European market. We are the only company with this kind of technology.