Vertical Steel Frame

- steel frames are made from a 48,3 steel tube, 2,7 mm of thickness,hot dip galvanized
- it has holders to install guard rails and a pin to set up a wooden toe board
- snap mountings for railing, through which external
- gurdrail on the vertical frame is fast
- wedging one hammer blow ensures closed force fully, stable and rigid connection
- different sizes of the frame are available one of the most important parts of a scaffolding set

Catalogue noHeight [m]Width [m]Weight [kg]

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Steel frames are made from a 48,3 steel tube, 2,7mm of thickness. The steel grade is S235JRH, with a yield stress point Re min above 280MPa, mostly between 280-285 MPa. Before the production process each segment of the tube is sent to the institute in Bydgoszcz inorder to confirm if the attestation is compatible with the product. The steel tube is bottled on a machine specially designed for JRH steel grade. The machine has 3 production steps to avoid tensions that may cause microcracks and disqualify the tube. The frames are  roduced using a welding robot endowed in two workstations.