Modular scaffolding gives you the opportunity to implement even the most complex projects. It is most often used in the energy industry, shipyards and smelters. The module allows you to build a free-standing structure, facade structure, structure for an advertising banner, stairs or building a building with an unusual shape, e.g. a circle



Frame scaffolding is mainly used in construction. Easy assembly allows quick assembly. This scaffolding also guarantees obtaining a safe and solid construction



Frame scaffolding used mainly for work on typical residential / office buildings. U-platforms can also be used in modular scaffolding (SLV-M).


What you can
get from us?

PROFESSIONALISM The SLV Group Team has all the knowledge and tools necessary to properly calculate the parameters of a scaffolding. We always try to meet the expectations of our customers.
SAFETY AND COMPATIBILITY WITH THE REGULATIONS A stable construction of the scaffolding is friendly for people working at heights. Our products have all the nacessary certificates and meet safety standards.
FLEXIBILITY Our customers can choose from a diverse offer of scaffolding products in order to suit their needs and expectations. We are able to produce even the most unusual scaffolding elements.
GUARANTEE OF QUALITY We offer excellent quality products, made with great attention to detail, manufactured from the highest quality steel - We offer products of excellent quality, made with great care about details.