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O-Aluminum plywood communication platform


O-Aluminum plywood communication platform

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Safety sign “B”

safety certificate b

Our products are certified by the Institute of Mechanization of Building and Rock Mining and the safety mark B.

Compliance with PN-EN 12810 – Façade scaffolding made of prefabricated elements and PN-EN 12811 – Temporary structures used on the construction site – Information on materials.

O-Aluminum plywood communication platform

o podest aluminiowo sklejkowy komunikacyjny

It enables movement between the scaffolding levels
Platform frame made of aluminum, plywood board
The platforms meet the requirements of the EU standard EN 12811
Aluminum ladder integrated with the platform

Parametry i warianty

Catalog number Length [m] Weight [kg]
SLV-M-09-01-19 aluminum-plywood, width 61 cm
2,57 22,50
SLV-M-09-01-20 aluminum-plywood, width 61 cm
3,07 23,80