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Eye bolt


Eye bolt

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Safety sign “B”

safety certificate b

Our products are certified by the Institute of Mechanization of Building and Rock Mining and the safety mark B.

Compliance with PN-EN 12810 – Façade scaffolding made of prefabricated elements and PN-EN 12811 – Temporary structures used on the construction site – Information on materials.

Eye bolt

Diameter thickness ø 12 mm.

For wall plugs.

Parameters and variants

Catalog number Length [m] Weight [kg]
SLV-UNI-19-01-01 Eye Bolt
0,09 0,13
SLV-UNI-19-01-02 Eye Bolt
0,12 0,19
SLV-UNI-19-01-03 Eye Bolt
0,16 0,22
SLV-UNI-19-01-04 Eye Bolt
0,19 0,25
SLV-UNI-19-01-05 Eye Bolt
0,23 0,28
SLV-UNI-19-01-06 Eye Bolt
0,28 0,30
SLV-UNI-19-01-07 Eye Bolt
0,30 0,33
SLV-UNI-19-01-08 Eye Bolt
0,35 0,36
SLV-UNI-19-01-09 Eye Bolt
0,40 0,40