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When should the scaffolding inspections be performed?

ntelka ntelka Tuesday, 10/05/2022

Idea of ​​scaffolding technical inspection:

Scaffolding is one of the most important elements when it comes to the health and life safety of people working at heights. Technical inspection carried out frequently enough and with appropriate care is the key to ensuring safe working conditions of people on the scaffolding and in its vicinity. Regardless of the type of scaffolding, its technical condition should be taken care of and inspections of its condition should be carried out.

Many people not related to the scaffolding industry believe that after the scaffolding is technically accepted, the responsibility for ensuring safety of the structure ends.

An important stage in the entire process of safe construction and operation of scaffolding, which is inspections , is being neglected. It is during scaffolding inspections that we notice and eliminate assembly errors. This ensures that the structure is safe.

During operation, the scaffolding is subject to inspections:

  • Everyday,
  • Decade,
  • Ad hoc.

Daily technical inspection

It is best to be carried out by those using the scaffolding, such as scaffolding workers. Daily inspection consists on checking if :

  • Scaffolding was not damaged or deformed
  • The scaffolding is properly anchored
  • Electric wires are well fastened, insulated and do not come into contact with the scaffolding structure
  • The condition of the working and communication platforms surfaces is good,
  • There were no negative effects on the safety of the scaffolding .
safety worker on scaffolding

Ad hoc technical inspection of the scaffolding

Occasional inspection should always be carried out after a break in the scaffolding operation longer than two weeks and after each storm with wind force exceeding 6 ° on the Beaufort scale – 12m / s | 43km / h . It is carried out by a construction commission consisting of – foreman, foreman and construction supervision inspector . Moreover, it may be ordered at any time by the construction supervision authority. Before starting work, any defects found should remove after each inspection. site manager or a person authorized by him is responsible for the inspection. The results of the decade and ad hoc inspections are recorded in the construction log by the inspectors.

Decade review

Decade inspections should be performed every 10 days . They should be carried out by a scaffolding conservator or an engineering and technical worker, e.g. foreman or construction manager .

During this inspection, it is checked that the scaffolding structure has not changed enough to pose a threat to the use of the scaffolding. Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid construction disasters that could occur during the use of damaged building structures.

Scaffolding technical inspection – summary

Each used building element must be regularly checked, maintained and taken care of its condition. However, scaffolding works are extremely dangerous activities, therefore scaffolding inspection is one of the most important practices that must be carried out. Regardless of the size of the construction, renovation, and thus the size of the structure, its careful, systematic and appropriate inspection is important.

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