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Scaffolding – Buying or renting?

ntelka ntelka Tuesday, 10/05/2022

For this reason, some investors, entrepreneurs and construction managers are wondering if it is better to buy and own the scaffolding, or to rent it for a specified period of time. The primary factor that should always be taken into account is demand. It is on him that the profitability of a larger investment depends. Sometimes we need scaffolding in our daily work, other times only for a limited time. So what to do – buy or rent?

What is the need for scaffolding in your company?

The simplest method of calculating the profitability of the scaffolding is to determine how many days a year we use the scaffolding. Then we set the space that the structure is to occupy. Thanks to this, we know how big it will be. It is known that the larger the scaffolding, the higher the costs of both rental and purchase. It happens that the scaffolding must cover the entire building, but sometimes we only need one wall. The weather conditions outside and the working environment, such as the ground and surroundings, are also important. All of this can add to the overall rental and purchase cost due to the added security.

Having all these data, especially numerical ones, i.e. the time of work on the scaffolding and its area, we can calculate the daily cost of renting the scaffolding, but also how it translates into purchasing issues. So it may turn out that even with a one-off, but long project, it will be cheaper to buy the scaffolding.

Rent mostly for one-off projects

We certainly associate it with a lower price compared to the purchase. Of course, this applies to several or several dozen days a year, and not necessarily several years of scaffolding rental. We need to know that we pay for each day of using the structure. Thus, with a one-off project, the overall cost of renting scaffolding will be lower than its purchase. In addition, the company whose services we use is obliged to take care of the maintenance of its products, their good condition and compliance with applicable standards. This can significantly facilitate the work. It is not us who are burdened with the costs of servicing, possible repairs and maintenance of the scaffolding.

At the same time, scaffolding rental is related to the choice of ready-made solutions. The scaffolding will not be designed and manufactured in accordance with your expectations and taking into account the specificity of the area and the building. Moreover, it is not a viable option for frequently repetitive work at heights. The landlord expects a deposit in almost every case, which we must take into account in the calculations. Many companies have a limited rental period, which means that we cannot rent a structure longer than what the company offers.

Purchase for more working freedom

When our company deals with work at heights on a daily basis or we know that the implementation of the project will take much longer than a month or two, it is worth considering the purchase of scaffolding. The design is a relatively large expense, but with frequent use, the cost pays off in a short time. In addition, we can order a structure tailored to our individual needs. There will be one that will be best suited to the dimensions of the building and the conditions in the immediate vicinity. Companies design and create very unusual scaffoldings used, among others in shipyards. We also have greater flexibility, we can use the structure for any time, in any place where it is necessary and in the way we need it. It is useful for more projects than just one specific one. However, we must take into account the responsibility for service, regular inspections and maintenance.

You can rent or buy the scaffolding, which depends on it’s time of use, type of structure and size. It is always worth considering both options due to the fact that the purchase can be profitable even with a one-off project.

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