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How to prevent falls and injuries by working on scaffolding

ntelka ntelka Tuesday, 10/05/2022

However, as with everything – its use is also quite risky. In this case, a fall or injury. Due to the high risk of fatal or permanent disability when using the scaffolding, certain safety standards must be met. So how to prevent falls, electrocution or injuries while working on the scaffolding?

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Before climbing the scaffolding, check it

Before anyone enters the scaffolding after it has been set up, it should be checked. The checks are necessary because during the checks it is possible to find irregularities which were not previously noticed. It is also worth checking the scaffolding at least once a week to make sure that during this time nothing has happened to the structure and that it is still safe. Professional and, above all, accurate construction will allow you to find all inaccuracies on the scaffolding – for example the fact that it is not level or is badly attached to the building. With the help of controls, you will also be able to find missing elements in the scaffolding, the lack of which could be dangerous for employees.

Try to avoid working at height

Sometimes it is good to avoid working at height and do it if possible. Of course, it is known that not all work can be done without the use of scaffolding, but if there is an alternative, it is worth doing. In addition, do not work at height if the scaffolding is too dangerous to use after a risk assessment. In such cases, it is better to delay work a bit than if something dangerous could happen.

Adequate training and personal protective equipment

The most basic thing –  health and safety training and good personal protective equipment. Thanks to this, each employee will be aware of the dangers awaiting him at heights and will know all kinds of safety procedures that will have to be applied in the event of an accident. Additionally, employees will be trained on how to use individual protective equipment so that it genuinely provides some protection.

Keep the workplace tidy

Easiest task that can really help. Nowhere is it easier to find dangerous situations that can lead to a fall or injury, as in a place of disorder. First of all, if your workplace is tidy, your work will be safer, more pleasant and done faster. For this reason, you won’t have to worry about stumbling over something, slipping or falling down.

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