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How steel prices affect scaffolding production ?

ntelka ntelka Tuesday, 10/05/2022

At the end of 2020, there was an increase in demand, especially in the construction and production sectors, due to the launch of the vaccination program worldwide.

Unfortunately, at that time the worst stage since the beginning of the epidemic began in Brazil and India.

Brazil and India, as one of the largest producers of iron ore in the world, limited the extraction of ore or completely closed the operation of mines due to the lockdown.

A huge jump in price
The easiest way to see the jump is when comparing the prices from August last year to the current ones – the increase is as much as 150% of the price. Unfortunately, due to the beginning of the construction season in Europe, the demand for steel and products made of it will increase unevenly to its supply, therefore it is worth constantly observing the dynamic changes on the market, e.g. scaffolding. In SLV Group, our specialists constantly monitor the situation on the steel market and advise in such a way that every customer is satisfied.

The impact of steel and aluminum prices on the scaffolding market
Unfortunately, both steel and aluminum are the main materials used in the production of scaffolding all over the world. Hence, scaffolding prices change in a very dynamic and unpredictable manner. The key issue in the current state of the scaffolding market is the sound management of the available resources and the prudent purchase of scaffolding. Therefore, it is best to support yourself with the advice of companies that have been on the scaffolding market for a very long time, due to their vast experience, they are able to help the client in this difficult period and overcome this crisis with a raised head.

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