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Protection of bystanders in the area of work on scaffolding

ntelka ntelka Monday, 01/08/2022

However, this applies not only to people working on the scaffolding, but also to bystanders who are in the vicinity of the construction, renovation or maintenance site. It is the responsibility of the project manager and site manager to ensure the safety of his team and everyone around him. It is up to his decision to a large extent how big the risk of an accident will be.



  • Take care of workers


This is the basis for work performed at height. In each company, employees must be provided with appropriate working conditions, which will mean for them “safe performance of their duties” to the greatest possible extent. There are of course occupations less and also more exposed to a possible risk of an accident. However, we always try to minimize them. This is also the case with work at height. Before the scaffolding is released for use, it must be very carefully checked. A commission acceptance of the structure from the contractor by the user is performed. It must have complete protection and all other elements ensuring the stability of the structure. Anyone who works on scaffolding should be trained and appropriately qualified. It happens that due to the nature of work, we cannot provide employees with collective security. Then each of them must be secured with personal protective equipment.

Designate the danger zone

Scaffolding is installed in most cases at buildings and in the vicinity of other structures. These are areas that are not necessarily far from busy streets and sidewalks. This means that unauthorized persons and all vehicles, such as cars or bicycles, may be in the vicinity and relatively close to the structure. This is a danger zone. Heavy tools and building materials can drop from a great height. The construction area must therefore be fenced and appropriately marked . We place warning signs not more than 2.5 m from the ground . The inscriptions on them should be visible from a distance of at least 10 m . Sometimes it is necessary to install a balustrade with a safety railing at a height of 1.1 m, or to build a fence at least 1.5 m high . Sometimes the construction site is marked with a special fluorescent tape.

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  • Public safety

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Designation of the construction site and its fencing are not always sufficient. People are often curious about what is happening in the designated area and how the work is progressing. They get dangerously close and also gather in larger groups. In order to increase the safety of bystanders, sometimes one person is appointed to control the surroundings. It organizes traffic around the construction site, informs about the possible need to move away from or away from the railing. Entrance to the construction site must also be supervised. If it is not well guarded, it may happen that an outsider – untrained, without the required qualifications and without work clothes with protective elements – will come to the workplace in a few moments. Additional elements securing the construction site are also often used. This applies to nets and protective canopies. They prevent heavy building materials, tools and equipment from falling onto the ground.

People’s safety is paramount, no matter what work they are doing and where they are. Therefore, all safety and security rules should be applied to employees working at height, as well as to outsiders in the vicinity of the work site!

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