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Hungarian certificate EMI


    Hungarian EMI Institute ÉMI ÉPÍTÉSÜGYI MINŐSÉGELLENŐRZŐ INNOVÁCIÓS NONPROFIT KFT. It is a member of the European network of construction research institutes ENBRI – European Network of Building Research – units included in this network operate outside the framework of universities. Initially, it brought together the 7 countries of the former EU. Currently, it consists of 22 countries, including Poland, represented by the Building Research Institute. Thanks to the cooperation and exchange of experience, obtaining certificates issued by ENBRI units is extremely difficult.

    Our scaffolding has successfully passed the certification tests at the Hungarian EMI certification body – in 2020 it was our great success, but without the help of:

    – our Hungarian partners who shared their experience with us, provided help in every situation,

    – RI.SE Institute (formerly SP.SE) – Swedish Research Institute,

    – IMBiGS Institute – Polish Institute of Mechanization of Construction and Rock Mining,

    It would be impossible. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those involved in this project.

    Thanks to obtaining the Hungarian certificate, our scaffolding is one of the few in the European Union to have this certificate and, in accordance with Hungarian law, can be used in this country.

    RAM1, RAM2 and MULTI SYSTEM scaffoldings meet the requirements of the EN 12810 and 12811 standards and, additionally, other requirements described in detail in the criteria. Design and production in accordance with European standards EN 12810 and EN 12811 would mean the possibility of using our scaffolding throughout the European Union, but this is not the case, because each country introduces additional regulations – criteria that must be met by temporary structures – scaffolding.

    The SLV-GROUP company, through cooperation with many Institutes, has set the goal of creating a universal scaffolding that will meet the requirements set in individual countries, while maintaining the pricing policy. The financial aspect is our brake at this point, because it is possible to produce scaffolding that would meet the requirements of all certification bodies, but then there would be no eager people for this scaffolding due to the price.