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We specialize in the production of modern modular scaffolding systems (slv-m) and facade scaffolding (facade) also called frame scaffolding (SLV-73 and SLV-70).

The scaffoldings we offer are designed and made by qualified staff using modern technology.
Our production plant with the most modern, fully automated production line is located in Sulnowo near Świecie. From there, the scaffoldings are transported to the company's headquarters - to Carpenter near Oleśnica. Here they are stored in warehouses with an area of approximately 9.000m2. The large surface allows us to quickly process orders (even in 24h) and simultaneously load up to 8 trucks.

Extensive experience in production, logistics and our commitment to projects enable us to provide high-quality scaffolding in good time to our contractors.


What you can
get from us?

PROFESSIONALISM The SLV Group Team has all the knowledge and tools necessary to properly calculate the parameters of a scaffolding. We always try to meet the expectations of our customers.
SAFETY AND COMPATIBILITY WITH THE REGULATIONS A stable construction of the scaffolding is friendly for people working at heights. Our products have all the nacessary certificates and meet safety standards.
FLEXIBILITY Our customers can choose from a diverse offer of scaffolding products in order to suit their needs and expectations. We are able to produce even the most unusual scaffolding elements.
GUARANTEE OF QUALITY We offer excellent quality products, made with great attention to detail, manufactured from the highest quality steel - We offer products of excellent quality, made with great care about details.
About us

Our company

  1. Establishment of DiMN Rusztowania in Cieślach near Oleśnica. The company dealt with the rental and assembly of scaffolding

  2. 2012

    Acquisition of shares in the Polish company Nova-Tech from Sulnów near Bydgoszcz.

    Development of own scaffolding structure (SLV-73 and SLV-70) and production technology.

    Obtaining the first Polish certificates and type B safety signs for the manufactured assortment.

    Production and sale of the first frame scaffoldings. Adjustment of production for the needs of non-standard orders in the range of scaffolding ordered by customers.

    Opening of DiMN branches in Warsaw

  3. Opening of the DiMN branch in Krakow

  4. 2014

    Change of company name to SLV Group

  5. Launch of modern steel riveted platforms as an alternative to welded platforms thanks to replaceable heads

  6. 2018

    Extending the product offer with a modular scaffolding system (SLV-M). Beginning of construction of a new SLV Group headquarters in Cieślach near Oleśnica together with a new warehouse with an area of ​​approximately 9,000m2

  7. Transfer of SLV Group operations to the new headquarters. Thanks to the change of location, the company is able to process orders in 24h and load up to 8 trucks at the same time.

About us

The company's turnover in 2019
increased by 32%
compared to 2018

We sold 134 242 frames


More than
year 2018 (106 819)

We sold 235 180 platforms


More than
year 2018 (168 355)