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Safety Sign “B”

safety certificate b

Our products are certified by the Institute of Mechanization of Building and Rock Mining and the safety mark B.

Compliance with PN-EN 12810 – Façade scaffolding made of prefabricated elements and PN-EN 12811 – Temporary structures used on the construction site – Information on materials.

Get to know our company

We specialize in the production of modern modular scaffolding systems (SLV-M) and facade scaffoldings, also known as frame scaffoldings (SLV-73 and SLV-70).

The scaffoldings we offer are designed and made by qualified staff using modern technology.

Our production plant with the most modern, fully automated production line is located in Sulnów near Świecie. From there, the scaffolding is transported to the company’s headquarters – to Cieśla near Oleśnica. Here they are stored in warehouses with an area of ​​approximately 9,000 m2. The large area allows us to quickly execute orders (even in 24 hours) and load up to 8 trucks at the same time.

Extensive experience in production, logistics and our commitment to projects enable us to deliver high-quality scaffolding at the right time to our contractors.


Why us?

  • Professionalism

    Our staff has the knowledge and tools to help properly estimate the scaffolding parameters. We know the expectations of our customers in detail.

  • Security and Compliance

    The stable structure of the scaffolding is friendly to people working at heights. Our products have the necessary B certificates and safety signs.

  • Flexibility

    Each of our clients has access to a wide range of products, which allows him to adjust the scaffolding to his own needs and requirements. For your convenience, we are able to produce even the most unusual scaffolding components.

  • Guarantee of quality

    We offer products of excellent quality, made with great attention to detail, made of the highest quality steel.

  • Own transport

    An extensive logistic and forwarding base, ready to deliver products to every corner of the world.

  • Precision and professional calculations

    Scaffolding assemblies made by experienced specialists.

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Sygnet SLV

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Modular scaffolding enables the implementation of even the most complex projects. Most often